The palace of Hadji Khalil Efendi

Apart from a main residence or for holidays, the Sarai could be turned into a luxury hotel with themed rooms and activities.
Perfect location of the Consulate or Embassy for hosting high-ranking persons during the summer months.
The same could be for large investment institutions and  a cultural center with a wide variety of activities,
Conference Center or Museum.

The building has following square meters:

1. basement: an area of 86 square meters (located on the west side of the building and has 4 locations)
2. groundfloor: an area of 285 sq.m (elevated On the west side and has 4 settings, while the eastern side there are 4 other sites)
3. A’floor: an area of 286 sq.m. (Covers the whole horicental axis of the building and has 13 spaces)
4. Second floor: an area of 49 m
5. Stable 20 m (Located in the garden on the east side)
6. two terraces (located on First floor)
7. a windmill (located on the west side and connected to
two tanks  (west and east side in the garden area)
8. Two yards and two gardens
total area of 3142 sq.m. (They share both sides)